Microsoft Shortcut (LNK) trojan malware

I have downloaded this Microsoft shortcut malicious sample from Virustotal for analysis

After downloading, I renamed as sample.lnk. (Microsoft shortcut extension .LNK)

When I opened properties tab of this file, found below properties which clearly shows its now shortcut of any application but a PowerShell script which executed on opening.

  • Target Type: Application
  • Target: PowerShell scrip
  • Description: Windows PowerShell




I copied and pasted PowerShell script to text file.


Behavior of PowerShell script:

  • Download another PowerShell script out-763347625.ps1 from URL https[:]// latinotca-ar[.]com

I double click on it to check the behavior, a command prompt windows opened and closed.

I could see the PowerShell script executed and tried to connect to the URL. WireShark captured the network traffic.




The web site has taken down. I tried to open the URL in browser, URL is inaccessible.

VIrusTotal sample:

SHA-256: 5c5c2c6197d4b1c24c438b8fb0452257c9e4085ac59297a985ec92ef1720b74d


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