Month: June 2020

njRAT Malware Analysis

HASH MD5: 88e085572a182ca102676676ec0ef802 File Type: Win32 executable Signature: Microsoft Visual C# v7.0 / Basic .NET Link to Download Sample: Any.Run Type: Remote Access Trojan njRAT is a remote access Trojan. It is one of the most widely accessible RATs. I came across this while going through Any.Run trends and thought […]

Word Macro Malware Analysis

SHA256: dd81d70fa14f0e95b8cd2fe86a9a21a264cbb4bb32d80c4195fc13ee6791b994 Sample Link: File Type: Microsoft Word File Extension: .doc I am going to use OLETools to analyse this word document sample. For initial document analysis I rely on this tool, if you have read my earlier blog posts on word macro analysis, you can see I have […]