Word Document Malware Analysis

MD5: CA15F9F45971EA442943084547761994

File: Microsoft word document

Word Document Screenshot:

File Properties:

I used OLEVBA.py to extract the VBA code but it was giving error. I used oledump.py tools to analyze the file.

Using oledum.py. I ran the below command to get the complete document streams.

>>oledump.py <filename>

You can see M at Number 18 and 19 which is the VBA macro as explained by the author of this python script Didier Stevens M denotes VBA macros.

So the next command I am running

>>oledump.py -s 18 <filename>

In below screenshot, it can be seen, the module Lev1daeyfvl calling S_gil0c35zh248.Mei497ecvshp on Document_Open()

After looking into more, I found S_gil0c35zh248.Mei497ecvshp which is being called on opening document is an user form. (refer below screenshot)

S_gil0c35zh248.Mei497ecvshp is user form

I opened word document, and navigate to VBA developer tool (Alt + F11). I saw the VBA code will execute on form execution.

Next I debug the code and analyse the behavior.

The PowerShell script is executed by the WMI process by executing VBA code on document open.

I have extracted the PowerShell script which is encoded in base64. by adding a code to copy PowerShell script in text file. Below is the code to extract the PowerShell script.

M2lujl629fpjn has PowerShell script
Encoded PowerShell Script base64

I have decoded the PowerShell script and got the code below.

To decode PowerShell script, I used below PowerShell script.

$path_to_b64_string_file= Get-Content -Path "C:\output\output.txt"
New-Item "C:\output\decoded_b64.txt"
Set-Content -Path "C:\output\decoded_b64.txt" $decoded_b64_string
Write-Host "Decoded Base64 successfully"
Decoded PowerShell script

I debugged the decoded PowerShell script, during the debugging, I found, it creates a folder at location and file it is going to write will be Ws1uczsw.exe


and there are multiple remote URL’s it tried to download the malicious file.

All URLs are active.

http://stiecgps%5B.%5Dcom%5B.%5D br/cgi-bin/7/0/79
http://tfbauru%5B.%5D com[.] br/cgi-bin/Lhe/14/79
https://paulburkphotography%5B.%5D com/_new_images/F/9/79
http://theeldestgeek%5B.%5D com/error/F55/79
http://uniquewv%5B.%5D com/cgi-bin/OVJ9qY/12/79
http://tuls%5B.%5D pl/cgi-bin/7a99/79

When I executed the PowerShell script, it downloaded Ww1uczsw.exe

Downloaded file details:

MD5: A4513379DAD5233AFA402CC56A8B9222

File Type: Win32 Exe

PEid Packer: Microsoft Visual C++ v7.0

Family: Emotet Trojan


  • Word document has VBA macros which executes on document open.
  • PowerShell is encoded in base64 and executes to download Emotet Trojan executable.
  • Multiple sources/URLs have been used in code to download the malware on the system.

Download Sample Link


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