HelpMe.exe malware


SHA256 – 9ff1c8e6d80ebf5626714362cbc55a53ba17038e841773d24fdc018891adb52e

Tools used for analysis: OllydbgWireSharkPEExplorer,

I started debugging using Ollydbg. The first warning I received is

“Module ‘AutoRUN_’ has entry point outside the code (as specified in the PE header). Maybe this file is self-extracting or self-modifying. Please keep it in mind when setting breakpoints!”


The executable file extracts HelpMe.exe file and copy it to C:\Windows\System32


Also it got extracted AUTORUN_INF.exe file at C:\ location. same location it create files

AUTORUN.ini file


AutoRun.exe file executes HelpMe.exe file.

This also adds HelpMe.exe file to Startup programs and rename shortcut icon to Soft

soft ink

Behavior of this malware I observed is, this gets replicated itself and and creates/hides word, pdf, xsls and  pages document files under RecycleBin folder.


I also observed the HelpMe.exe keep changing location from C:\Windows\System32 to C:\Windows\SysWow64


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