Is openssh.ps1 Malware?

Recently I have download Windows 10 VM from Microsoft’s site. Today, in c:\ drive I saw a folder named BGinfo which I know I had not created.

After opening it saw two files,


In openssh.ps1  file found URL,


After accessing URL, SSH setup executable file download. After searching URL in VirusTotal 

result shows, 2 AV detected it as Malware out of 62.

During the investigation I found, there is a BGinfo program added in Startup program. (I disabled it later).


And SSH installed on the server and services running in task scheduler.

I ran procmon and netmon to analyze the behavior. I haven’t found any unusual activity/call/traffic from/to remote server and not found any process/executable running in background.

During the analysis I haven’t run this PowerShell script.

VirusTotal –  [Link here]

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